Welcome! Reason Ventures is a University of Michigan and Northwestern University student startup working on products in the news space.

When Internet users search for news about contentious topics such as Israel-Palestine, they are presented with little information to assist them in judging how trustworthy any particular search result is, or whether it is relevant to them. Reason Ventures is building an online personalized news aggregator and companion mobile applications that will provide the best news discovery, reading, and sharing experience on every device, from desktop to phone to tablet. Our news discovery engine allows users to read the news how they want, with personalization based on both their interests and what their friends are reading. As well, our product provides displays crowd-sourced ratings of bias, factuality, and other factors of news articles alongside the content, to help readers with deciding what to read and with better understanding the content presented to them.

The site is in the alpha stage of development. If you find what we're doing interesting, email adam@reasonventures.com!